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Lets get started with Stick Handling

What you’ll need to get started with learning stick handling.

  • Stick
  • Orange Hockey Ball (found in just about any sports store)
  • Weighted Balls (specifically for stick handling)
  • Cones or something you can use as cones

You can practice stick handling just about anywhere.

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Learning how to hold your stick, and drills to work on stick handling. Practice using cones and with different balls for optimum skill building. Orange ball for comfort of game play, smaller heavier for quicker, faster hands.

Remember, your top hand controls everything.

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Don’t worry if you lose control of the ball. Keep focusing, don’t cheat on the drills. Remember to keep the ball at the hell for maximum control.

As you get comfortable, go faster to build strong stick handling skills.

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In this session you learn to add your feet into stick handling. Using your foot to kick the ball to your blade as well as moving the ball around your body.

Maximize skill building by building speed with each drill.

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Learn and Develop the skills needed to get you started!

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